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Re: Invigorating LOTW

Postby CountryCruzr » Wed Aug 03, 2016 12:13 am

I too was looking for more women specific moto riding information when I found TWF via a Google search. I remember it was like finding a gold mine because of all the informative posts. I was a new rider and encouraged by reading posts sharing personal riding experiences I could relate to. I think to invigorate LOTW we not only need more new members but also strive to increase contributions from those of us who have been around. Whether it is sharing articles, new techniques, equipment that works for us, our ups and downs, victories over obstacles , memorable road trips or really just about anything motocycle related. It takes a little more effort in a forum than it does to post to Facebook or Twitter but it adds to the wealth of information we can share between ourselves and with others. Not sure how many recruits I can get but I will attempt to try to contribute more as the others in the past did for me.
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