Why 'Ladies On Two Wheels?'

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Why 'Ladies On Two Wheels?'

Postby Rogue » Wed Nov 11, 2015 9:25 pm

There once existed a terrific forum called "Two Wheel Females" that existed for the support and camaraderie of women riders and those who support them. It was a place to go for support as well as information. It was a place where we shared the good and the bad, the trials and tribulations of learning to ride, and the glorious achievements of learning.

Through life events, that forum was disbanded and in doing so, a large hole was left in the riding community. This forum was born in an attempt to fill that hole.
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Re: Why 'Ladies On Two Wheels?'

Postby FastLizard4 » Wed Nov 11, 2015 10:29 pm

I like to think of this site as a successor to TWF, so in that spirit, we've tried to replicate TWF where possible, including similar rules, forum structure, features, and design. Of course, most of this is from memory, so there are probably mistakes here and there, and there are significant technical differences as well (we're using a different forum software package here because vBulletin, the package TWF used, is rather expensive for licensing). Forum structure is probably the area with the most "missing information" - alas, after all these months, I only remember basics and not, for example, exactly what subforums existed and were in use at the time TWF had to shut down.

Especially if you are originally from TWF, please feel free to suggest subforums, make feature requests, and give suggestions over at the feedback thread, and let us know if you have any questions. Welcome aboard!

(On a side note, we're looking for someone who can create a logo/banner image for the site; if you know someone or would like to volunteer, please let us know!)
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