Women's track day Dec 16 2016; Chuckwalla - CA

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Women's track day Dec 16 2016; Chuckwalla - CA

Postby trackaddict » Thu Sep 22, 2016 1:09 am


Calling California, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada women!! For several years now, the owners of the Chuckwalla raceway in Desert Center, CA have hosted an all-women's track day, which has grown quite a bit. Last year they had 80 women riders! It's a great opportunity for seasoned track riders and brand-new track day riders as well. They have instruction for the novice group and most of all -- lots and lots of FUN! Last year, they had a few minis on hand and set up a mini track in the parking lot for ladies to play on while waiting for their turn on the big track. Plus, the raffle at the end of the day is the raffle to end all raffles. It has free school days with Yamaha Champions, last year a free Yamaha generator, I won a free weekend of dirtbike camp... so much great stuff!!

And, I have a spare Alpinestars suit, boots, and gloves if you have nothing. If you're not my size, I accept the challenge of finding gear. Go do it!
And I'll see you there!

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