Pacific Track Time women's only event at Thunderhill

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Pacific Track Time women's only event at Thunderhill

Postby NevadaWolf » Wed Dec 23, 2015 3:29 pm

This just popped up in my FB feed. I know nothing besides it's a thing. ... -july-24th

Women's ONLY VIP Thunderhill Raceway Park West Event - Sunday July 24th

In 2015 Pacific Track Time held their first Women's VIP event where one entire group on the day was dedicated to Women, well in 2016 we are making it even better. This year we are making the entire day in both groups women ONLY. That's right ladies this day is all yours. On Sunday July 24th we will be hosting a women's VIP event on the west side of Thunderhill and at the same time we will have a full weekend event on the east side. During this event we will have our talented female staff on site to take care of you on and off the track and at the ends of the day we will all gather out onto the front straight for some awesome group photo opportunities. Our 2015 event was a great success and we think this one will be even better so come on out and enjoy a day with us on the track.
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Re: Pacific Track Time women's only event at Thunderhill

Postby trackaddict » Thu Dec 24, 2015 2:59 am

TOTALLY considering going!! I missed it this year because it's really far to go for only a single day, and had to work. But I'm hoping in 2016 I can plan another track day to go with it, to make the trip worthwhile.

On a side note, I have not heard great things about PTT. I haven't ridden with them before, so this is from a friend. But, she urged me not to ride with them because of the high number of crashes, overly-full groups, and lax monitoring. However, I can't confirm or deny, so it's all hearsay.

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