No Burn, No More

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No Burn, No More

Postby VStar » Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:22 pm

Thought about putting this in "Wrenching" but only needed a screwdriver and utility knife. Well, actually, Hubby used the tools, I cheerleaded. Cheerled?

I put a new Corbin Touring seat on my bike last spring, scored a super deal on eBay, like new, very comfy, a 300 + mile, happy butt saddle. But, it changed my riding position slightly, moved me a little forward with 2 issues that needing fixing.

First - the tip toe of the right boot was now just under the brake pedal, I had to move my foot before braking, just a tad, wasn't dangerous, could have lived with it but decided to get an extension for it. It wasn't too expensive as motorcycle parts go and Hubby had it switched out in a short time. Thanks Sweetie Darling.

Second was more painful, now my thigh was being burned by the oil reservoir and the edge of the rocker cover. Owee. I googled heatshields and located one on eBay, luv eBay, found one in my price range. They are made when ordered and have quite a selection of doodads to customize it but I stayed with basic black studs to match the seat. It arrived about a week later and Hubby had it on the bike in under an hour.

2016-9-25 024_sm.jpg
Seat mount position.

It comes already marked where the opening for the seat tongue is to be cut out, that does need to be sized for the seat.

2016-9-25 027_sm.jpg
Bracket opening.

It was a very simple cutout with a utility knife and he got an exact fit for the bracket tongue.

2016-9-25 029_sm.jpg
Perfect placement.

The shield covers the reservoir and the rocker, exactly where it should.

2016-9-25 030_sm.jpg
Left side.

The shield extends over the left side, too.

I'm happy with the product, it works exactly as intended, I don't feel it, don't notice it at all against my leg and no burning. Yay!
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Re: No Burn, No More

Postby Rogue » Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:43 pm

Looks great and as if it has always been part of the bike. Great score on the seat, BTW.
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Re: No Burn, No More

Postby CountryCruzr » Sat Jan 28, 2017 1:07 am

That's a sweet find! There are some expensive heat shields out there. Glad it worked perfectly for you VStar.
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Re: No Burn, No More

Postby Mamaw Suze » Sat Jan 28, 2017 10:13 pm

That looks great! Glad it's all working out. I'm usually tool hander and cheerleader when my bike is being worked on too.
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