BRC2 / Confident Ridercourse

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BRC2 / Confident Ridercourse

Postby woodlandsprite » Fri Feb 19, 2016 9:29 pm

Some background: I tool the BRC about a year ago. I then started practicing on my husbands bike, then bought my own...but have basically been spending a lot of time racking up miles near my house riding on weekends. Here we are now, me with about 700 miles on my bike - with only 3 times riding on the freeway.

Last weekend, for Valentines Day, I took the BRC2 - I figured it would be good to get some training on my own motorcycle - and based on my experience level, it seemed like the BRC2 was recommended. I was the only woman out of 6 riders (usually they have 12 students, but I guess this was one of the few classes that was undersold). 1 other person had a similar style bike (dual sport), the rest had cruisers and there was a range in experience.

Getting to the BRC involved an early morning pre-sunrise ride out on the freeway - I switched out my visor, made sure to bundle up warmly (temps in the low 50s I think when I left) and off I went. The ride out was nice and uneventful, with light traffic. Freeway riding when the traffic is light is okay, though I definitely need to decide if I want a slightly larger windscreen - the plus would be possibly less buffeting of my helmet, the negative would be the possibility of even lower top speed. Top Speed on my bike would have me nervous on the freeway with more traffic I think, mostly because the bike doesn't have passing power - and the drivers out here can be rather aggressive.

The class itself was a half day only - entirely on the range. In many cases it was a rehash of exercises done during BRC but on your own motorcycle. When I took the BRC, I had never driven my own motorcycle - so I was constantly stalling the bike, and I dropped it during the u-turn exercise. While I still stalled the bike a couple times, I was a LOT smoother on all of the exercises vs when I was first learning. My Left U-turn is a lot better than my right U-turn - probably because I practice the Left u-turn every time I head out. I still have a lot of practice needed on quick stops - I have a bad habit of stomping on the rear break and locking up the rear tire :( I was getting better at it, but definitely not getting a consistent result.

Overall, I think the class was good - it was nice to revisit some of the exercises, see how far I had progressed and get a refresher on some of the exercises. I think I need to pick up a packet of saltines so I can "mark" a parking lot and if I squash them, then no big deal :)

The day was quite warm, so I was shedding layers as i went - only myself and the other DS rider wore full gear. By the time it was time to head home, I added a pair of sleeves that I wet down (highs in the mid to high 80s!) under my jacket, swapped out my visor and got underway. The ride home was also via freeway, slightly heavier traffic, but not too bad.

Overall quite a good day except it seems I was percolating a cold the entire time and it finally caught up to me valentines evening!!
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Re: BRC2 / Confident Ridercourse

Postby Mamaw Suze » Fri Feb 19, 2016 11:28 pm

It sounds like it was a productive day even with the cold coming on. I like your saltines idea. Keep practicing!! I'm glad I don't live around freeways. I'd never get anywhere!
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Re: BRC2 / Confident Ridercourse

Postby VStar » Sat Feb 20, 2016 1:36 am

Nice V-Day gift to yourself, Sprite and 2 more freeway trips. All good things. No 80 temps here but did have 56 today that melted the snow and left us with mud.
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Re: BRC2 / Confident Ridercourse

Postby OldMare » Fri Feb 26, 2016 2:40 pm

Sounds like it was worthwhile, especially getting you more confident in your skills plus the drive there and back on the freeway. Where I took the beginning course is also where they hold the course you took and it's all marked out. I've been thinking of running down there one weekend and playing on the course. They only have several classes there a year as most are held in the bigger town in the other direction, so the parking lot sits empty most weekends. I'll have to drop by and see how well it's painted up this early in the year! 50 would be a hot day right now!
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Re: BRC2 / Confident Ridercourse

Postby HarleyRdr » Sun Mar 13, 2016 10:05 pm

Sounds like you had a good day Sprite. I asked in your other thread about how the class went, hadn't seen this thread yet. I took the refresher class here last summer and found it to be a big help and lots of fun. Your class sounds like it was very much like what we had. Glad the freeway trips went well also!

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