Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Ladies On Two Wheels. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. General

    1. No personal attacking, harassing, or belittling of other forum members, whether in the public forums or in private messages. All disputes should be taken offline or to private messages. First instance is a written warning. Subsequent instances will result in escalating bans.

      If you feel a dispute requires administrative intervention, please contact the forum staff in private by using the contact form, or by sending a private message to the Administrators user group. #
    2. No advertising of businesses or services, soliciting of forum members, or spam.

      Accounts that appear to exist solely for the purposes of advertising or spam may be banned without warning.

      Note that links to personal websites, blogs, and social networking pages are allowed within reason within signatures and posts - however, posts containing such links should contain context and be relevant. Links to commercially available products and businesses are also allowed in posts for the purpose of recommendations; however, take care not to word your recommendation like an advertisement (recommendations should be thoughtful and focus on your own experience with the business or product). #
    3. Do not post the personal information of others without consent.

      If your personal information is posted without your consent, please contact the forum staff immediately. #
  2. Registration

    1. All user registrations must be approved by a forum administrator before access will be granted to the site.

      Please ensure that you follow the new user registration instructions and completely fill out the required portions of your profile when registering. Accounts that appear to have been requested in bad faith may be deleted by the forum administrators without notification. #
    2. You are free to choose whatever username you'd like. Pseudonyms are perfectly allowed, as are real names. However, please do not pick usernames that are offensive - the forum staff may reject these at their discretion.

      Be advised that users are not allowed to change their username on their own - if after registering you would like to change your username, you will need to contact the forum administration. #
    3. Though male users are welcome here, this is a forum intended for female riders and support of them; as such, male users must be referred by an active female member in good standing. Male users, when registering a user account, must specify the name of the referring female member in the appropriate field. The referral will be verified by email before the account request is considered for approval.

      Warning: Please be truthful when specifying your gender on registration. Falsifying this information is grounds for an immediate permanent ban from the forums. #
  3. Marketplace

    1. The Marketplace section of the forums, where members may list items for sale to other forum members, is only available to users who have made 15 or more posts to the forums. #
    2. The Marketplace section is provided only as a convenience to allow users to list items for sale and to allow others to ask questions or discuss the items in question. We do not provide any middleman-type services for sales or a system for exchanging funds for a sale.

      If sale-related disputes arise, users should attempt to handle them among themselves before contacting forum staff.

      Users who engage in buying or selling on the Marketplace do so at their own risk; the Ladies On Two Wheels staff shall not be responsible for dispute mediation or for problems that arise as a result of Marketplace activity. #
  4. Administrative / Staff Contact

    1. There are three ways to contact the forum staff:

      1. Using the contact us button, also visible at the bottom of every page. Replies will be by email.
      2. Sending a private message to the Administrators user group. Only available to registered users, and replies will be by forum private message.
      3. By direct email. Click here to solve a CAPTCHA and see the email address.
  5. Updates to These Rules

    1. The forum staff reserve the right to update the rules at any time as they see fit. Users will be notified when significant rules changes occur, and continued usage of the site after such a notification will be considered agreement to the updated rules. #